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    i'm not having too many battery issues. I want to prolong the battery life, but all I find remain the same, you know…so, I’d rather to have a external battery, anyway.
    This is my first android phone so i do not want to mess with it when its so new.
    i can not seem to get rid of google talk running in the background unless i quit the process in running services. I have auto sign in unchecked and everything in the settings unchecked. I also end the program, but the service remains running in the background. anyway to really stop this service with out task killers? even after reboot the talk is still running.

    Below are things that are running on my phone that I want to stop.

    calender - obexservice and connectivity. these seem to restart on their own if i stop the service.

    google - gtalk service - why, i don't use this at all

    voicemail - cm_service - what is this for? do i need a service running for voicemail? i just have the basic voicemail setup, does this phone run a visual voicemail program that i missed.

    HTC DM - HtcDmService - no idea what this is or what its for.

    Sprint Zone - updateservice - what is this for, do i need it? can i get rid of it?

    HTC IQ Agent - agent service - no clue what this is. can i get rid of it?

    DMserviceapp - again no clue what this is. do i need it, can i get rid of it?

    Touch Input - touch input - ok i think i get this one, but does the phone really need to run a service to save my touch settings?

    And I find a way out at last. The only thing i need to stop is gtalk and sprint zone. the rest are things that make the device function. HTC iq agent is part of HTC Sense, as well as HTC DM. voicemail should be rather obvious...and calendar, anyway, I just let it run.
    disable 4G, wifi and all that crap, and cut syncing off, i notice a huge difference in battery performance. with these settings, i could go 37.5hrs theoretically before needing to charge. i only need it to last for 17hrs personally. if i go out after work, then 19-20hrs tops, though still want a replacement battery.
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    Well, first off we can tell this is not an HTC Rezound... it was never on Sprint, my guess is this is an EVO of some model? If you are on ICS disable the apps in questions.

    Touch Input - Required or the screen won't USE touches, not save them
    HTC DM/DMservice - these are the dialer services, required
    Voicemail/calender - essential services
    Sprint Zone - no idea
    HTC IQ Agent - this is actually a rootkit logger that tracks your usage see: Carrier IQ: How the Widespread Rootkit Can Track Everything on Your Phone, and How to Remove It

    If you can't uninstall/Disable Google Talk, open the app and go into the settings and dig around, it might be several layers deep but there is an Auto Login option you need to turn off, then manually log out... if it gives you a warning prompt that you will no longer be able to receive messages and the app will close you did it right. The service will still be running but will just sit in the background and with no use will eventually be swapped into the cache by the kernel and it's battery usage should become negligible.

    Of course, your best bet for a stripped down, battery sipping phone is an aftermarket ROM, flash in a custom recovery and try a stripped down stock ROM, CM, or an AOKP rom.

    Google is a friend here... interesting that I found almost this identical post in thread on another forum in seconds, darn near a copy and paste job... post #26
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