Transparency Mod For The LG G2 Weather Widget!

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    One of the things that has always set Android apart from other mobile operating systems is the ability to run widgets. While widgets give us access to important information quickly they can often take up lots of space and can look a bit clunky at times. Most OEM weather and clock widgets have a distinct background, but a transparent background would look much cleaner and would declutter the home screen. The LG G2 Weather widget displays an animation of the Weather in the background. This looks nice but it would look even better if it were transparent. With the transparent weather widget mod for the LG G2 you still get the weather animations but you get a much cleaner look.

    This mod is in apk form, you will need to be running stock on your LG G2 and you will need to be rooted. You will also need to have a root file browser installed. Within the root browser you will need to navigate to the system/app directory, find the stock version of the widget named "LGWeatherTheme.apk" rename it to "LGWeatherTheme.apk.bak", then you can simply copy the moddified apk to the system/app directory, then you will need to change the permissions rw-r-r, reboot the device and enjoy the transparent weather widget.

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