TOOL WSG Unbricker for the Transformer Prime

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    Unlocking your Transformer Prime will indeed void your warranty which can be an unsettling thought when you just dropped $499 on a device! If you were to brick your Prime there is not much that ASUS would be willing to do for you since you had knowingly voided your warranty, or at least there is not much that they would be obligated to do. This fact alone keeps many from the spoils of unlocking and modding their device. All it takes is a bad flash to send your device into a bootloop or a bootscreen of death. There are a few methods available for the three types of soft bricks on the Transformer Prime, but they require a small knowledge of ADB. This can be yet another set back for those on the fence! Luckily developer "MasterZen88" feels your pain. He has created a new tool that will assist you in unbricking your device! This is a Full Fastboot solution so if you aren't able to at least get to Fastboot or this will not be of any use to you. MasterZen does say that this should be used as a last resort only if the other known methods have not worked.

    For more info check the OP via XDA

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