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Theming various .apk's on a droid 3

Discussion in 'Droid 3 Hacks' started by anthrpicdecadnce, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. anthrpicdecadnce

    anthrpicdecadnce New Member

    Sep 30, 2011
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    hey guys, i've been trying to theme various apk's on my phone by using adb to pull the apk's, and renaiming them with a .zip to open them up. i've themed framework-res.apk, SystemUI.apk, GoogleQuickSearchBar.apk, BlurPhone.apk, BlurDialer.apk, and BlurContacts.apk. However when i push them onto my phone, nothing changed except my status background (from that awful blue net pattern to a clean semi transparent black). It took forever running through those apk's. what am i doing wrong? If it helps, I'm running Steeldroid 2.0.

    btw, i only edited .png and jpeg files. (i also found that android zombie pic lol) do i have to edit xml files as well? how do i do that, if i do have to?
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