Theme Engine Support Baked Into Android M!

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    Root users have long enjoyed the benefits of custom themes on their devices. This is one of the reasons many of you run custom roms. Roms like CyanogenMod allow you to easily customize the entire UI of your smartphone. Themeing has become so popular that OEMs like HTC and Samsung have built support for themes into their latest smartphones! Now it appears that Google is going to do the same with Android.

    Android M actually has support for Runtime Resource Overlay baked right in! RRO is the same software used for theming on Sony Xperia devices. Once you root your Android M device you will discover limited support for theme engines like "Layers Manager". All this without really needing to flash a custom rom! This along with the use of Xposed Framework may eliminate the need to rom altogether for some of you. Are the incremental battery life and performance tweaks enough to keep you romming if you can get themes and mods without it? Let it be known that I shall always rom!

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