Sony Xperia M Finally Recieves Official Cyanogen Mod Support!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Mar 4, 2014.

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    The best part about Android is the openess, and general ease of hacking. You can add whatever OS you want to your device. This means that you can take any device whether be high end or even low end and make it work for you. This is what drew me into Android, and while Verizon has done their best to put an end to this, there are still some carriers and OEMs that welcome the Android Mod and Rom community. Sony has made a huge effort to be as developer friendly as possible. Their Xperia line has pretty much been open and Rom friendly. The FreeXperia project announced the other day that we finally have official Cyanogen Mod support for the Sony Xperia M. This means you get to experience the latest and greatest version of Android on even a lower tier device. The specs on the Sony Xperia M are still pretty good with a dual core processor, 1GB of Ram and 4GB of internal storage this device should be a pretty great one especially with the addition of Cyanogen Mod which i still can't run on my fancy Verizon Galaxy Note 3. Head to the link below for more information and the download of the Rom.

    Via XDA
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