The Ultimate Droid 2.1.0 - Htc Desire CDMA

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    The Ultimate Droid 2.1.0 Changelog:

    - New popup changelog on startup (anderweb/blackdroid)
    - New updated themed with images from gingerbread (blackdroid)
    - Added new launcher (new customized version of adw with new features, anderweb/blackdroid)
    - Added option to turn toggle overscroll and change weight of effect (rmcc)
    - Reverted to 1.0.0 Phone UI untill updates are made to new UI. (Will be send out as and update)
    - Newer more customizable live wallpapers (kmobs - make sure to donate)
    - Updated all apps on the Ultimate Droid Servers
    - Fixes for camera contious focus (droid)
    - Updated Overhauled music app
    - Updated News and Weather
    - Updated Google CarHome
    - Updated Google Talk
    - Updated Marketplace
    - Updated Google Maps
    - New Kernel for Inc (cyanogen)
    -Fixes for bluetooth


    Download - Is through personal forums bc of extra threads and install instructions and disclaimer.

    HTC Desire - CDMA - Link

    Donate Link:

    If you enjoy UD roms and BlackDroids work please donate :)
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