'The Bond Phone' Sony Xperia T Will Go on Sale at O2 in the UK

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    If you are a huge James Bond fan, you will be either pleased or unhappy with this news, and it depends on where you reside in the world. The Sony Xperia T is the phone that James Bond uses in the new film entitled Skyfall that is expected to come out October 26th. In fact, there will be a special "The Bond Phone" version of the device that will have an “exclusive James Bond packaging”, including a 007 ringtone, themes, screensavers and images from the movie Skyfall. The phone boasts some impressive specs besides the unique James Bond packaging. Here's a recap:
    • Android 4.0 ICS (upgradeable to Jelly Bean)
    • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
    • 4.6 inch HD display
    • 13MP rear camera
    • 1GB of RAM
    • 16GB of internal memory
    Sadly, as far as we know the phone will only be available for the UK retailer O2 sometime soon, and looks to be an exclusive for that carrier. Of course, there is still hope that the special James Bond version might make it to the U.S. yet. From the press pics, you can clearly see an AT&T logo on the phone. This could have been simply a screw-up by the marketing department, but it could also be a hint of possibilities to come. We will let you know if we find out anything else.

    Source: UnWiredView
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    And about 5 minutes after it is released (or even days before its released), everyone else will have the Bond version extras. I'll sport the ringtone.
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