Tethering Razor Maxx from Verizon using Orange SIM

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    I'm in France every now and then for business, and not having a phone that works in France was driving me crazy, so I decided to upgrade with Verizon from Droid X to Razr Maxx, which according to my research at the time works fine in Europe and is not-lockable. Sounds like a winner.

    I signed up for their rip-off global roaming option thing, which I don't really intend to use except in the case of emergency. $25/100mb of data is a bit much, in my opinion, considering what it costs in France to have an unlimited data plan. So, Verizon SIM as an emergency lifesaver, and I bought an Orange SIM for regular use.

    Works great. The internet advises you that the employees at French phone stores are generally either uninformed or ripoff artists...or both. This advice I have found to be true. I followed internet advice rather than listening to phone store employees (who gave me exactly wrong advice), and sure enough, I have a perfectly usable phone using a French SIM with unlimited internet.

    So, you ask, what's the problem? You're all set!

    Well, ysee, I almost never use my phone at home as an internet appliance. I hate the form factor: it's all wrong for me. I use it as an access point for the internet. My laptop is my internet tool, my phone is just the modem. At home, I pay for the tethering thing with Verizon, and that floats my boat just fine. Well, guess what. Whatever version of ICS Verizon put on my Maxx doesn't let me tether unless it can validate my Verizon provisioning as a paying thetherer...and that's something my phone apparently cannot do while running an Orange SIM.

    Ok, so whatever, download PDAnet or Foxfi and we're back in business, right? Well, not so much. Apparently Foxfi has problems working properly in ICS (for me it continually fails to find an internet connection depite my phone being on the internet), and PDAnet seems to have similar issues whoch according to the internets can be worked around by using bluetooth or usb tethering.

    So, finally, the problem. I've tried to set up USB tethering and Bluetooth tethering with a couple of these third party tethering apps, but I'm not sure I'm doing it right, because I have not succeeded to this point. I've found bits and pieces of what to do but not a real "howto". Do I install specific software on the laptop? Is there a trick to the number you enter in DUN? Shoul dI see something in Bluetooth properties that I don't see, and I don't know that I should see it because I've never done this before?

    In short, can someone please post a step by step of one or both of:

    1) USB tethering with ICS on a Maxx with a 3d party app,

    2) Bluetooth tethering with ICS on a Maxx with a 3rd party app

    Phone: Razr Maxx
    Carrier: Orange France (not that I'd guess this matters)
    Laptop: Lenovo T410, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit


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    I hope this answers #2 for you. It works for me, but I am NOT USING a third party app....
    1st you have to pair your laptop to your phone. I assume you already have or can accomplish that.
    Next, once they're paired, on your phone go to menu--system settings--tethering and mobile hotspots. Check "Bluetooth Tethering"
    Next, on the laptop go to control panel-- hardware and sound--devices and printers. You should see a Droid RAZR icon if you have paired the phone and computer.
    Right click on the Droid Razr icon and there should be a choice for "connect using"...Hover over that, and another box should pop up for "access point". Click that and you should have a network connection. You may need to set this network type on the computer to home or work.
    I'm on ICS v211
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