Taking screen shots without root. (How-to)

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    I know many of you know this already but i have seen some complaining about not being able to take screen shots because they don't have root. So i created a how-to for taking screen shots of the Droid 3 and most other android phones with out root.
    Note: Java development kit is required. (The installer only detects the x86 version, not x64) I installed both.

    For windows:
    Step 1: Download android sdk installer. Android SDK | Android Developers
    Step 2: Install SDK.
    Note the location when you install.
    Step 3(This may or may not be needed):Run the SDK Manager to download the usb_driver. Close the install packages window so you can get to the main application. [​IMG] Chose to install google's usb driver package.
    Step 4: Turn on USB Debugging. Setting->Applications->Development->USB Debugging [​IMG]
    Step 4: Plug in your phone and use the usb driver located at (install location)\extras\google\usb_driver
    Step 5: Launch (Install location)\tools\ddms.bat
    Step 6: Select your device in the list and use the Device menu and select Screen Capture. [​IMG]
    Step 7: Click the save button, save the file, upload and share!

    I hope this helps some of you out there. I may have missed some things here and there, if you have any problems feel free to ask or pm me.
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