Tablet & PC/Laptop - Possible?

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    I am looking to get a Tablet in the near future. The iPad is out of the question. But I have been look at the devices that have been revealed at CES and those that will be announced at MWC. I have found a few nice devices. But am not sure which one will fir me needs.

    I definetly want a Tablet but I still want to be able to use ADB - for my (An)Droid phone(s) & use my external HDD. Those are my main needs.

    I have found:
    1) ExoPC Slate; 2) Samsung Sliding PC 7; 3) Toshiba Tablet

    Now Toshiba Tablet is my number one choice but will it fit those same needs that I have?

    All 3 have usb ports, front and rear cameras, #s 1+2 are/will be running Win7 and #3 is running Android 3.0 (dancedroid). #s 2+3 will have HDMI ports & USB ports (The Samsung will be a through a dopple).

    I pretty much want a device that'll truly replace a laptop and ever respect, not just a big phone w/o the phone. The Toshiba looks awesome but the Samsung also looks good and the ExoPC is pretty sweet (only downer is the battery life).

    Any advice, web sites, feedback would be helpful. If anyone else is looking for the same thing let me know too. If I find any more info I'll be happy to post whatever I find here and hope you will do the same!

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