Stuck in a Restart Loop when using 3G

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    I have a pre-owned Droid Incredible I bought in January of this year. Everything has been great with it up until several weeks ago. I was playing a game and in the middle my phone restarted itself, then got caught in a restart loop. The only way to get it to restart correctly was to take the battery out for a few minutes. I brushed it off as a fluke. I thought maybe I had accidentally held in the hold button with out knowing it or something. It's continued to happen more and more frequently since then.

    80% of the time it turns off and gets stuck if I'm using the 3G (instead of wifi) to check something online. But it has also done it when its just been sitting my desk. It's still under warranty, but I'm worried about calling them & having Verizon send me another pre-owned one, possibly with other issues. Does anyone have any tips or advice for what to do? My phone isn't rooted or anything. I went through and deleted any newer apps that may have caused the problem, but its only gotten worse.

    In addition to restarting itself, I haven't been able to send or receive texts for the past 2-3 days. It says there is an SMS Error, cause code:1, error class: 3. I'm calling Verizon in the morning about it, but again if anyone has any suggestions about what to do they would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry this is so long. Thanks for reading and offering any help!
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