SQUID2-D2 for squidly 1.0.1/1.0 theme

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    http://www.mediafire.com/?7tda4b9nnyutxs8 There the link enjoy made it by request all scripts app are in two folders themed and stock applied to sdcard on install added 2 scripts themeblurhomecal and blurhomecal to go back to stock (how its released) type googlecal to use scripts type su in emulator or adb then busy (only once to install busybox) after applying themes please zipalign as usual the best way is to put usb debugging on/then pc mode /reboot recovery/fromclockwork/go to mounts/mount system/type adb shell/su/zipalign_apks/let it run till its done then reboot thank you. Install as a zip from clockwork.It is released with adwlauncher to go to the stock launcher type su/themeblurhomecal/then adwlauncher -rm it will go to backup manager press skip and it will go to blur home thanks.

    The first download had a bad fingerprint in the build.prop so you couldnt get protected apps redownload and install zip and it will be fixed

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