Sprint Dumps 'One Up' Program After Only 4 Months in Favor of Their 'Framily' Option

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Well that didn't last long. Apparently, Sprint didn't have much success with their "One Up" program, which was designed to compete with T-Mobile's "Jump," program. After only four months, Sprint has already announced they have killed off the program as of January 9th. Instead, they recommend their new "Framily" plan as a way to get value when trading in devices.

    Under the "One Up" program, customers could get a new financed device with no down payments an monthly payments of $65 for unlimited data (this was $15 off the regular price). After a year of payments customers could trade in the device and start the payments up again on a new phone. It allowed a pretty cost effective means for customers to have a new phone every year, along with unlimited data. Perhaps Sprint thought the deal was "too good."

    Now Sprint is pushing the "Framily" plan. Here's a link to Sprint's press announcement explaining the differences: Sprint

    Over-all, both of these "ideas" seem overly complicated. It's hard to see how these will be good options for consumers. At a time when T-Mobile is making this much simpler for customers, other carriers seem to be trying to muddy the waters with complex systems which only serve to confuse customers.