Sphero Ollie is an Android (or iOS) App Controlled Robot for $84 on Amazon

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    For the kids in your life (even if that secretly means yourself), here's a cool little gadget which will likely provide a great deal of entertainment. It's called the Sphero Ollie, and it's basically a small robot that you can remote-control with your Android (or iOS) device.

    Ollie is currently on sale at Amazon for just $83.74 (which is $16 off the regular price). The little rolling companion comes in a variety of colors and is available for free Amazon Prime shipping.

    Here's a quote with more of the details on Ollie:
    • Launch the app, then touch your Bluetooth Smart enabled Device to your Ollie. Follow the on-screen tutorials and Learn the basics of how to aim and drive your Ollie. Driving like a Pro takes a little patience, but so does anything else worth doing.
    • Tackle the toughest terrain with total confidence. Ollie's polycarbonate shell protects the Electric motor, while the cutting-edge design repels water. This rough-and-tumble robot is built to take on anything that Stands in the way.
    • Ollie is an electrically propelled computer with Onboard intelligence that gives you real-time feedback on tricks. You can also program Ollie using the Sphero Macro lab app. If you leave this robot Idle for too long, it may get a mind of its own.
    • Swipe, tap, or hold the gesture pad to make Ollie perform different tricks. With hundreds of trick combos to Discover and master, you'll constantly be challenged to push your skills.
    • You have the power to adjust Ollie's speed, handling and acceleration. With the option to use drift wheels or grip Tires, you control your driving experience from start to finish.
    Here's a link to the Amazon offer to snag yours: Amazon
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