Sony ericsson Xperia X( (android 2.2?)

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    Sony ericsson Xperia X8 (android 2.2?)

    A couple of questions i need the answers to quickly. Tomorow i'll be buying that handset, looks fine to me, cheap, and decent as well. Please help me out as soon as possible :D 1. Does android handset have GBA emulators? since i love a couple of strategy games i'll like to run on this handset. 2. The keyboard of the handset, if you hold it horizontly, will it work? and if you flip it around would the keyboard flip as well (touch one ofcourse -.-) 3. Can i use skype app properly on this handset (android), i'll be mainly doing skype-skype conversation (text and audio call) so would it work fine? 4. Does this phone have java? i'm quite confused about java and flash player...some explaination would be really appreciated. Thanks Please do answer the questions because tomorow i have to get this cellphone
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