Smart Actions seem to be not that "smart" or is my phone busted?

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    Numerous times smart actions suck.

    For example, when I go home, it switches to the Home Rule, which kills the 4G and the WiFi kicks on, background changes, screen dims, etc...

    This works fine, but, say I need to send a pic message, I need to turn on the 4G (still cant figure that one out, unless its just Verizons greed), so I turn on the 4G. Then I leave the phone overnight and I wake up and leave the house to go to work, and the 4G is off I noticed.

    There are so many issues I have with smart actions its too long to list. One major thing I highly dislike is the radius around your location, Im about 3 miles from work when Work Rule kicks in, and same with Home.

    Is there an app, that replicates smart actions but actually does it better and actually "smart"?
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