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    I have the 2.21 version of Skydeck, which is great - Let's you backup all of your Droid info, including all your SMS, MMS, etc. For some reason, they've just released a "newer" version of 1.03, that now doesn't allow texts (only calls) - Their still fully servicing my old version, but I ahve a friend that can't download the app to her phone from anywhere (online, or in the Marketplace where it's been removed). So here's the 2 part question:
    1) Is there anyplace that I can get this downloaded from and how would we install it on her phone
    2) Is there a way to copy it from my phone onto my desktop, and then install it directly to her phone from my computer desktop (I believe the apps are stored in the /data file, which is accessible when you mount the Droid) -
    Please help!
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