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    This is my first post so please take it easy !

    I have a HTC One which is rooted and I'm battery saving fanatic, when I first got my phone I was getting good use out of it although after an update It went down although I managed to bring it up to speed. I've rooted my HTC One and im enjoying the benefits of doing so although I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to use the app in order for me to maximize battery life ?! I'm not a particular fan of overclocking (I can see why people do it, although I have a 1.7ghz stock, so no real use for me) if anything I'd rather underclock to get more juice, I first installed it and played around with some profiles and juice started draining quickly. so Any tips guys ?!
    1) Which profiles can I use to get the most juice ?!
    2) I'd like to use a profile which allows my phone to remain effectively idle once I'm asleep at night (Minimum CPU usage)
    3) The conservative governor doesn't appear anywhere, I read on that and it's quite handy.
    4) I'm assuming the more profiles, the worse !
    5) My layout is also quite different, I have a slider to adjust power but its numerical not the green slider.

    I've done my research and this forum seems to be quite good, I was wondering could people take my phone into account because I'd like the tips to be based around my phone as their tips on the internet but their mostly generalizing on the entire android ecosystem. I'd like some help and hopefully knowledge will ensue. Thanks