SD versus HD Downloads

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    Am I the only one that refuses to pay extra for HD movies?
    Please tell me I am not.
    I personally think it's total BS that you have to pay extra for HD. I just bought "How to Train Your Dragon" from Google Play on sale today for $4.99 for my son. I will finally have a movie on my tablet for him. Really the first movie I've bought from Google.
    They wanted an extra $4.00 for HD. $4.00!!! Nearly double the price? Why double the price? Someone please explain. Does it cost Google twice as much to deliver it to me? (no) Or for them to convert it to HD? (no) Or is this just one more way we can screw the customer and squeeze a few more dollars out of them?

    We have bought a few through Amazon. Always SD.

    I REFUSE TO PAY EXTRA FOR HD! First off, the difference isn't really all that amazing. SD looks pretty damn good on my 10 inch tablet, and certainly good enough on my 42" TV.
    I am hoping that I am not alone.
    These companies will continue to charge us more for HD if we keep paying for it. Period. Stop the insanity. HD SHOULD NOT COST MORE.

    Sort of like HD TV. When it first came out, cable companies were charging an extra $5-$15 to get it. So were the Dish companies. People weren't buying as quickly as they hoped. Today? I get 50 HD channels for free. As it should be.

    It's like DVD's versus BluRay: should they REALLY cost more? Hell no. They used to cost $8-$10 more. Today you can get the DVD/BluRay combo for $20.
    I get paying more for new technology. I do. But HD VIDEO is not new and it does not cost more to create. Period.

    Join me in the stand against paying exorbitant HD prices...