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    Hi All.

    I have the original Droid.
    Froyo 2.2D

    I'm using the "profiles" app.
    My "normal" profile has the screen timeout set to 10 min.
    I also set the screen to never sleep when charging in the settings part of the OS.

    Unfortunately, after the profiles screen setting times out the screen dims to like 50%.
    It does this when the battery is fully charged.
    Not sure if it does it when charging. Testing now.

    But I leave it on the charger all the time when at my desk.
    Anyone know if there is a setting to keep it on 100% all the time?

    I also have the "Sleep Auto" app that will do that but I'd rather not have to worry about changing that setting all the time so the screen sleeps for security purposes when not on the desk.

    Does that make sense?
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