Scavenger Hunt Using Your Droid

Discussion in 'Off Topic Forum' started by Vulcan1600, May 29, 2010.

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    I belong to a Kawasaki website that we have a fun time doing scavenger hunting with a camera. Our motorcycle has to be photographed with the target. For example, recently a picture had to be taken of an old time diner. Right now the target is our motorcycle in the same picture as a cop car sitting at a donut shop.

    Since this is a Droid site, it will be strictly honor system but the rules are as follows.
    The target picture has to be posted using your Android phone only.
    A consensus of those participating in the scavenger hunt will decide if the photo submitted was acceptable.
    It can only be a picture that was taken after the target was identified in this forum. So if the target picture is a cow and you took one last fall, it doesn't count.
    If after one week from the time the target was identified nobody has posted a picture, that person will choose the next target after a consensus that the target picture was unachievable.

    So, to kick this off, I will start with an easy one:

    Who will be the first person to post a picture of someone waving an American Flag (Memorial Day Weekend theme)? Bonus points if that person is in uniform.