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Discussion in 'Droid 2 Tech Issues' started by dankarlinski, Dec 20, 2010.

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    so, i tried to restore to a nandroid i found online... it didnt take, and now all i can do is get to the bootloader and the stock recovery.

    i have the 2.3.20 sbf file that matches what i had on the phone before i went custon (i updated via the OTA)

    anyways, i have my SBF(VRZ_A955_2.3.20_1FF_01.sbf), i have my RSD 4.8, and i have the drivers installed.

    i plug my phone into he computer while in the bootloader

    the phone reads normal:

    Battery OK
    OK to Program
    Transfer Mode: USB"

    RSD sees my phone in slot 1, it shows Port type as USB. N/A inder the IMEI/ESN section, and Connedted in the Status

    i see the bootloader version in the top, i see both AP + BP Die ID, and AP+BP Public ID

    Afer i select my file and such, it shows that it is creating files, and a bunch of other files populate in the folder where the SBF is. it runs to 100% (which takes 10-15mins) then it says waiting for re-emulation and then goes to failed flash.

    is there something i am missing here? i have read about 3 different guides for this, and i never seem to stray from them
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    just tried to run it again... i got this error when it failed

    Failed Flashing Process. Phone (0000): Error getting unit information. Device API error: 0xE0030009 Command: RQHW(0xE0831009): Phone Connected
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    Thread can be closed. i brokedededed it. :p had to get a raplacement from Big Red