Samsung Will Improve The Iris Scanner On The Galaxy S9

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    Earlier this year Apple released what has to be one of the most advanced Face unlock feature on Smartphones today with FaceID. Face ID uses 3d facial scan which projects tiny dots onto your face. The feature works in pitch black darkness, and tends to work most of the time. The only real downside to this feature is that it is pretty slow when compared to other face unlock solutions.

    Samsung is doubling down on their Iris Scan unlock technology as they more than likely won't be able to develop a 3D facial unlock tech to compete with Face ID in time for the Galaxy S9. The current Iris scanner on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 is already incredibly fast and works in the dark. The only real downside is it won't work if you are wearing sunglasses and you need to do a pretty decent job of lining up your eyes with the camera.

    The new and improved Iris Scanner will include an improved camera lens and functions which will help it to recognize the users iris faster. The scanner will be bumped up to 3mp from 2mp. The Iris scanner will be able to recognize irises even when the user is wearing eyeglasses. The new tech will also be able to recognize irises when the eye is moving, you are in too dark or too light situations. The new iris scanner will also have a shorter than 1 second response time.

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    I will stick with the fingerprint scan. did not setup the iris scan on the note 8
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