Samsung Galaxy S5 Metal Chassis to Come From Same Case OEM for HTC One and iPad Mini

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    Earlier in the year we shared several rumors suggesting that the next Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S5 will come with a metal chassis. There were a few rumors which supposedly refuted this as well, but now the pendulum is swinging back. The most current intel not only seems to confirm a metal case for the SGS5, it also appears that the source of the metal chassis for the device will come from a reputable source, a company called Catcher. This is the same company which produced the case for the HTC One and the iPad Mini 2, so we can be confident it will be a quality product. Supposedly, Catcher is being tasked with making 10 to 30 million cases for the next Samsung super-phone, and is already in the 3rd phase of the design process.

    On a separate note, we also have intel which suggests something not too surprising. It looks like Samsung will follow their same trend by offering the SGS5 with two different CPUs; one will have a Snapdragon and one will have the 64-bit Exynos. As we find out more details we will share them accordingly.

    Along with this intel there is one other tidbit to report. Supposedly, Samsung is also working on a 20 MegaPixel camera for one of their devices in the future. There is no word on whether it will come to the SGS5, but we will likely know all the concrete details within just three months time. It's amazing how fast the year has passed.

    Source: PhoneArena
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