ROOT [APP] Bootie Screen, Add Personalized Message To Your Moto X Boot Screen

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    The all new Root app by developer "Radical Ninja" will help you customize your Moto X to the next level. If you own a Moto X chances are that you were able to customize the style of the hardware, but now you can change up the Bootscreen with "BootieScreen". This app does require you to be rooted, but you don't have to have an unlocked bootloader or a custom recovery so this will work with the consumer model! You can personalize your bootscreen with a unique message of your choosing. You have the ability to choose the font size, font color, the typeface (only system fonts for now but userfonts are coming), location of message on the bootscreen, and exactly what your message says (even profanity if you are into that). It is easy to change your bootscreen back, simply open bootiescreen back up and apply a new boot message! There is even an option to change the boot image! This app is FREE on the Play Store. Head to the link below for the download.

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