Root a droid from another droid?

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    This could be a stupid questions but I will ask it anyways...

    Is it possible to root a droid from another droid. It seems like it could be possible. Just out of curiosity I'm just wondering if anyone has and if it is possible... or if it's even a good idea. Both Droids have never been rooted. I think I have read somewhere about rooting a droid using itself but I dunno...

    I only wanted to know because I have 2 desktops a mac and windows.. but sadly no internet... =( I'm always at work so why pay for internet at home when I have it here and am using it all that time... oh thats right I can't do **** on it!!!... =/ *sigh* Now I know why I didn't mind living in an apartment, can I borrow your internet for a min.? THANK YOU!.. anyways Being that I have a spare droid to basically play around with because it's useless... I figured maybe... MAYbe I could fool around with it and tinker a bit XD. A good way to learn without having to worry so much about consequences ^.^
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