[ROM] Verizon Galaxy S4 Stock/Rooted/Debloated

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    If you are going to mod your Galaxy S4 and try out all of the Roms that are popping up for this device it is always a good idea to have a quick way to return to a clean stock build. The simplest way is either to backup your current stock rooted system, or if you have already flashed a custom rom the easiest way to get back to stock would be to flash a stock Rom.

    MyComputerDoctor has released his stock rooted build, and i suggest that you download it and have it available incase you ever find yourself needing to get back to stock in a hurry. His build is completely deodexed which will be helpful when you begin to flash mods. His build is also totally debloated freeing up valuable memory on your device. There are a few other performance tweaks included in this rom, but for the most part this is just stock rooted debloated touchwiz. You can grab this Rom from the source link below.

    Via Rootzwiki
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