Galaxy S4 LockedME7up Recovery Free Rom!

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    So you accepted the VRUAME7 update not knowing that it totally kills LOKI recovery? That sucks bro! If you still want to run a modified Rom on your Galaxy S4 you can now thanks to developer "Myfishbear" who has put together a Recovery Free Rom. His Rom is installed via an adb script installer. This does not require a custom recovery but it does require you to be rooted. You can find the root guide for this build on the Galaxy S4 here.


    The Locked Me7 Up Rom is basically a debloated version of the stock vruame7 build. You get all of your normal touchwiz features with some of the extra junk removed. Some extra features include Unlocked free wifi tethering, blocking mode, dsp manager, torch, samsung bootlogo, all sorts of notification sounds and ringtones, xposed framework and apps, and more! This is definitely not CM10 but it is better than nothing! Grab this rom and discuss at the source link below.

    LockedMe7Up Rom Thread
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