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    VanillaDroid v1.0

    Based on my eris21official-root ROM. Your phone must be rooted to use this, and you must have the recovery partition installed to flash it.

    What's new?
    - Sense removed (almost, had to keep a few things such as HtcContacts for FB syncing to work)
    - Android lockscreen
    - Vanilla keyboard
    - DialerOne (removed HTC dialer)
    - Nexus Music app replaced HTC music
    - Added PDFViewer (since I removed it from my first rom)
    - Wireless tethering installed stock
    - Live Wallpapers
    - Custom bootscreen
    - Better Alarm (Nexus Alarm app port, since HTC alarm won't work without the HTC lockscreen)
    - JIT dalvik executables (boosts performance, average 3.5Mflops vs 2.5Mflops without)
    - OTA updates disabled
    - Other misc minor things

    I'm not guaranteeing EVERYTHING works 100% without Sense, but I haven't run into any problems myself. You'll notice there's almost 15MB free on your system partition as opposed to maybe 1 or 2MB free with most roms.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    GrdLock's ROMs Download Page (VanillaDroidv1.zip)
    (Click a banner on the download page before you download to support me!)

    - Place file on sdcard
    - Reboot into recovery
    - Do Nand backup (just incase!)
    - Wipe data/dalvik
    - Flash from zip

    Removing JIT executables:
    If you experience stability issues that get in the way of doing something, you can remove the JIT executables using JIT-remove.zip that is on my website. Simply flash it from the recovery partition without wiping anything.

    EDIT: Just an FYI, the wallpaper in the screenshots isn't a live wallpaper. I included one live wallpaper that is one of my fav's that you can enable, and more that work can be found in the market.
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