[ROM] New Eclipse v1.0 for the Droid Bionic!

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    Introducing Eclipse v1.0 for the Droid Bionic! I featured the Eclipse rom for the DX2 by developer "Nitroglycerine33" a few weeks ago and I am excited to announce he has released it for the Bionic too! Nitro is calling this rom a "Gingerbread Moto Blur 893 based cleaned up Moto experience with a few modded goodies", and boy does it include lots of goodies! It is Deodexed with Bloat Removed for a tidy less bogged down experience. He has also removed lots of blur elements and replaced them with his own. The MMS, 3d gallery, news & amp weather, calendar, and camera have been replaced with the AOSP counterparts. Also, the File manager, email, and alarm clock have been replaced with CM7 counterparts. The Blur Launcher has been Replaced with a moddified Launcher 2 for a light and snappy feel.


    Some custom mods include; Accurate battery, lots of edits and tweaks for performance, download crutch to help with web downloads, a custom Blue theme throughout, Eclipse Wallpapers, Eclipse ToolBox, Tab Lockscreen, Inverted Contacts, Inverted Performance manager, as well as 7 toggles in the pull down menu.

    Some ICS elements included are ICS music app, ICS deskclock widget, and ICS inspired bootanimation. This is just the beginning of what is to come from Nitro and the Eclipse Rom series!

    By DroidModderX

    Grab the Rom and Discuss here
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