Rom Eclipse 1.1.1 ported to the Droid 3!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Rom Eclipse 1.1.1 ported to the Droid 3!


    We have previously highlighted the work of Developer Nitroglycerine33 here in the news section with his Eclipse 1.1.1 rom for the Bionic and other devices. I love this rom because it is so incredibly clean, and i love the cyan blue theme as well! Droid 3 users can now be giddy with excitement! Eclipse has been successfully ported to your device by developer "13thAngel". It should be noted that this rom was developed by Nitro and then modified by 13thAngel to boot on the Droid3! This Rom is based on the .893 build of GingerBread Moto Blur. It is very clean and has lots of ICS Aosp elements. It is to be installed via D3 Bootstrap not Safestrap.

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    This Rom is fully Deodexed and Debloated plus most Blur has been removed for speed and performance! The Blur launcher has been replaced with one of the snappiest launchers around "Super AOSP Launcher 2" by the Gummy Charge team. Most of the apps have been replaced with their AOSP counterparts such as; MMS, music, 3d gallery, file manager, email, alarmclock/deskclock, news and weather, calendar, and camera plus more. Some mods have been made such as custom host files, gps config changes, download crutch to help with web downloads.

    This Rom also features some custom goodies such as Eclipse Parts (a cm style customizer), Eclipse Wallpapers, a custom blue theme throughout, accurate battery mod, crt on/off mod, full reboot options, 7 pulldown toggles in the notification menu (including wireless, bluetooth, gps, sound/vibrate, auto brightness, data, and rotation toggles) Tab Lockscreen is included as well as inverted contacts/dialer, and inverted gtalk/gvoice, a native facebook app, the appwidget picker and dsp manager. Some ICS goodies are included here as well like ICS Music app, ICS deskclock widget, and ICS bootanimation! This Rom is super clean! You will enjoy!

    Grab This Rom here and Discuss!

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    why no port to d2 :/? my device be outdated :(
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