ROM noob question - mix and match?

Discussion in 'Droid X Roms' started by bobthebob, Jan 31, 2011.

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    hey all - just started (finally) checking out the awesome custom ROMs here and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner!!

    THIS is the phone I was hoping for when I bought the DX!

    I have many many questions but only two I want to ask here:

    1. how can I install elements ('apps'?) into a custom ROM?

    Specifically here are two elements: the "Contact Search" shortcut - which I use 99.99% of the time (the Contact app is next to useless for me since I have 1000+ contacts and don't like to scroll) and the Dialer app WITH the t9 search!

    the version of ApeX I'm running (1.3.0) has the t9 Dialer but none of the other ROMs seem to have it (specifically Libery, GummyJar, and Rubix), and it seems like it would be possible to somehow extract it and install it in my version of - say - Liberty...
    or is that not possible for some reason?
    (and BTW - why is it so hard to find out what version of the Dialer that is?!?)

    2. I know there's an issue with custom ringtones etc - but I can't seem to find an explanation for it.
    why wouldn't Ringdroid be able to even work? strange...
    is this on the near horizon for any of the current batch of ROMs?

    other than that tho - let me just say to all of you devs and builders out there

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    1. Focused, liberty, gummy are blurless. Apex is not. This is why the stock dialer works on Apex.
    2. Liberty v1.5 has the ringtones fixed now
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