[ROM] No Gimmicks Just Performance With Clean Rom For Galaxy S4!

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    If battery life and performance are paramount when choosing your the Rom for your device Clean Rom by ScottsRoms may be the Rom for you. This Rom is targeted towards the user who wants a stock Rom with as little bloat as possible. This Rom is incredibly stable. Clean Rom is based on the latest Verizon base and is Jelly Bean 4.2.2. Clean Rom is also one of the best supported Roms around. It is updated regularly by developer "Scrosler". There are a few features but if you need customization this is not the Rom for you. This is a bare minimum rom with all of the non essential verizon and samsung apps removed. There has been a shutter sound option added to the camera. Nexus 7 and 10 ringtones and sounds have been added. Tethering has been unlocked and I have confirmed that it works well. There have also been many battery and performance tweaks and mods made.

    I would like to also make mention of the incredible battery life that I have been able to get out of this Rom. My new job is incredibly demanding, and I have been working lots of 12+ hour days. Friday I actually logged 16.5 hours! My Galaxy S4 running CleanRom had over 25% battery life left after that long day! I am usually able to get at least 24 hours out of the battery with this Rom. I have noticed that the lag from touchwiz is 100% gone after installing this Rom. Grab this rom from the source link below.

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