[ROM] CleanRom for Verizon Galaxy S4 Is Here!

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    As the developers have had a chance to really become familiar with the LOKI Bootloader Hack on the Galaxy S4 the roms have really started to stream out. A pretty big Rom dropped a few days back. CleanRom by developer "Scrosler" of ScottsRoms is now available for the Galaxy S4. Some of you already know that CleanRom is designed for those who want a stock rom experience with minimal bloat and optimized performance. The latest CleanRom Lite is built the latest Verizon Android 4.2.2 build. This Rom is lite meaning that it has been stripped of pretty much every non essential samsung and Verizon App. This is great because it frees up memory on an otherwise crammed device.

    There are a few custom options included such as a shutter sound option, page rotation on the launcher and app drawer, Nexus 7 and 10 ringtones, tether unlocked, performance enhancements, adb as root, and more. This is the first of many builds for the clean rom series on the Galaxy S4. You should consider this a beta build. Many more features along with an aroma installer are coming in future builds so you will want to stay tuned for further development on this Rom.

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