[ROM] CyanogenMod 7 (fascinatemtd) TEST build 7 - [07/04/11]

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    jt1134 over at XDA made this possible......go thank the man!

    [​IMG] [ROM] CyanogenMod 7 (fascinatemtd) TEST build 7 - [07/04/11]
    Here is a test build/preview of the 2.6.35 MTD CM7 port for Fascinate. It is built off the work of TeamHacksung, and is very different from earlier CM7 builds. At this point it is very functional, but still in very much of an ALPHA state.

    3G data
    USB mass storage / sdcard

    Not Working:

    Known Issues:
    * occassionally the radio may completely die (usually after phone has been powered off for a while) - fix: (shouldn't have to say this): pull the battery.

    Included in the package is the base ROM and kernel. GAPPS must be flashed separately. Link below. You may also use nemesis2all's kernel here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1119169

    When flashed the first time, your filesystems will be converted to MTD (yaffs2/ext4). Do not try to flash any other ROMs via cwm at that point, and do not try to get into recovery via the 3 button method. Use adb reboot recovery or the reboot recovery option from the power menu. To revert, and switch to another ROM, flash a full Odin/Heimdall package (like DL09).

    Since your filesystems are being fully converted, there is no need for Voodoo or any other lagfix. DO NOT TRY TO INSTALL ANY KIND OF LAGFIX ON THIS ROM!!! Voodoo sound capability is however included in the kernel.

    To install, boot into cwm recovery, wipe data, and flash the ROM. It will reboot and then do the actual install. If you are on a previous version, you can simply flash it over your current install. If you have problems, try wiping data first. The ROM will work whether you are on rfs or ext4. If you have problems flashing the ROM initially, ie: asserts errors in recovery, flash one of the recoveries attached below, and try again.

    *** Update 06/09 ***
    fixed in-call audio [​IMG]
    fixed bluetooth in-call audio [​IMG]

    *** Update 06/20 ***
    fixed GPS [​IMG]
    re-enabled backlight notifications (you DO NOT need BLN control app)
    disabled (broken) auto-brightness
    other misc changes, see my github

    *** Update 6/24 ***
    fixed BT that was accidentally broken in previous build
    updated to latest CM code
    added standalone kernel zips to address sensor issues ** stand-alone zips removed

    *** Update 6/26 ***
    fixed sensor issues - now all sensors can be activated simultaneously [​IMG]
    updated to latest CM code

    *** Update 07/01 ***
    fixed LED flash
    fixed ambient light sensor so auto-brightness works
    removed mic recording preset option from voodoo sound to avoid in-call microphone issues
    added gps.xml from EC09, may help with locks, who knows
    removed unusable cpu governors and switched default to conservative since ondemand can be rather flaky on hummingbird procs
    updated to latest CM code

    *** Update 07/04 ***
    fixed deep sleep wake-up issues [​IMG]
    updated to latest CM code
    attached fixed recoveries below

    This is a WiP, and meant as more of a preview than anything else. If you enjoy it, click the Thanks or Donate buttons. Either one is fine by me. Enjoy [​IMG]

    http://www.mediafire.com/?0hfizbrfjmwt0aw - ROM (07/04)

    http://goo-inside.me/gapps/gapps-gb-20110613-signed.zip - GAPPS

    *** The recoveries attached below are ONLY to be flashed on a BML ROM, ie: touchwiz based ROM or earlier, non-MTD CMx ROM. DO NOT FLASH THEM IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON CM7 OR MIUI MTD ROMS! ***

    Attached Files[​IMG]cwm3_fixed_for_cm7-ODIN.tar (5.55 MB, 318 views)[​IMG]cwm3_fixed_for_cm7-CWM.zip (5.72 MB, 422 views)
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    I cant do a *228. My radio dies 100% of the time. S:i500.04 V.ec09 When I had an older radio I had no issues! Other than that this is an incredible version! THANKS!
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