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[ROM] CyanogenMod 7 (fascinatemtd) TEST build 3 - [06/20/11]

Discussion in 'Samsung Fascinate Development' started by Vinnie981, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Vinnie981

    Vinnie981 New Member

    Apr 10, 2011
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    USA (NJ)
    All thanks to jt1134 over at XDA! He is the man!!!

    [​IMG] [ROM] CyanogenMod 7 (fascinatemtd) TEST build 3 - [06/20/11]
    Here is a test build/preview of the 2.6.35 MTD CM7 port for Fascinate. It is built off the work of TeamHacksung, and is very different from earlier CM7 builds. At this point it is very functional, but still in very much of an ALPHA state.

    3G data
    USB mass storage / sdcard
    Sensors (accelerometer / compass)

    Not Working:
    light and proximity sensors

    Included in the package is the base ROM and kernel. GAPPS must be flashed separately. Link below. You may also use nemesis2all's kernel here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1119169

    When flashed the first time, your filesystems will be converted to MTD (yaffs2/ext4). Do not try to flash any other ROMs via cwm at that point, and do not try to get into recovery via the 3 button method. Use adb reboot recovery or the reboot recovery option from the power menu. To revert, and switch to another ROM, flash a full Odin/Heimdall package (like DL09).

    Since your filesystems are being fully converted, there is no need for Voodoo or any other lagfix. DO NOT TRY TO INSTALL ANY KIND OF LAGFIX ON THIS ROM!!! Voodoo sound capability is however included in the kernel.

    To install, boot into cwm recovery, wipe data, and flash the ROM. It will reboot and the do the actual install. If you are on a previous version, you can simply flash it over your curren install. If you have problems, try wiping data first. The ROM will work whether you are on rfs or ext4.

    *** Update 06/09 ***
    fixed in-call audio [​IMG]
    fixed bluetooth in-call audio [​IMG]

    *** Update 06/20 ***
    fixed GPS [​IMG]
    re-enabled backlight notifications (you DO NOT need BLN control app)
    disabled (broken) auto-brightness
    other misc changes, see my github

    This is a WiP, and meant as more of a preview than anything else. If you enjoy it, click the Thanks button. Enjoy [​IMG]

    http://www.mediafire.com/?riji6cqnep9i7fl - 06/08 build

    http://www.mediafire.com/?bh46v5qv99nz6so - 06/09 build

    http://www.mediafire.com/?sccvqduduve6256 - 06/20 build

    http://goo-inside.me/gapps/gapps-gb-20110613-signed.zip - GAPPS

    If you enjoy the work I do, you can contribute to my beer fund. Beer helps me think!

    Follow me on Twitter!

    All code for anything I've shared is on my github!
    Don't forget to have repartition selected in Odin with the atlas_v2.2.pit! or you'll run into problems!
  2. j_acm

    j_acm New Member

    Jul 20, 2010
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    Are there any themes yet for the fascinate on cm7?
  3. hecantbreathe

    hecantbreathe New Member

    Mar 25, 2011
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    There's newer cm7 builds than this. Yes there's over 160 themes. Go to android themes at xda and look in the stickied thread theme Chooser themes. It you can even download some from the market.

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