[ROM] CyanogenMod 7.0.0 ALPHA2 - 4/26/11 EDIFY CWM 3.0+

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    All credit goes to the man jt1134 over at XDA for his hard work....

    Orig link: [ROM] CyanogenMod 7.0.0 ALPHA2 - 4/26/11 - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [ROM] CyanogenMod 7.0.0 ALPHA2 - 4/26/11
    Got bored again, this time I merged my device tree and fixes into CM7 Gingerbread [​IMG] ROM is built from the newest CM7 source code, and has been merged with the majority of my device specific fixes from previous ROMs. I love open source, so of course source code is available for everything, here (ROM), here (kernel), and here (initramfs).

    *** WORKING ***
    RIL (calls/sms/3g data)
    rotation and proximity sensors
    screen on/off animation [​IMG]
    USB mass storage
    haptic feedback

    *** NOT WORKING ***
    most video codecs - Youtube playback (LQ & HQ) is broken for example - youtube does work from a browser if you use a desktop user-agent
    Voodoo lagfix conversions

    There are still plenty of bugs! and there likely will be until we have a true GB leak or official release to work off of.

    It is considerably difficult for me to stumble upon every issue out there, and even more difficult to narrow these issues down, let alone fix them. That said, PLEASE do not clutter this thread with "thank you" or "X/Y/Z doesn't work" or "I'd love to flash this if..." type posts. I APPRECIATE THE THANKS AND THE FEEDBACK!!! Don't get me wrong. But these posts are not at all helpful in moving this ROM forward, and simply add more clutter to the forum. If you make such a post, don't expect a response.

    If you experience a bug, PLEASE GET LOGS! I can't fix something simply by knowing that it does not work. A bug report without significant details is a useless post, it just is what it is. Logs help identify the code affected, and thereby help facilitate the fixes that we all love. PLEASE share your issues if you can provide helpful data in fixing them

    The ROM package currently includes the base CM7 ROM, gapps, and a compatible kernel. DO NOT FLASH ANY OTHER GAPPS OR KERNEL PACKAGES! The ROM package uses edify scripting, so it is flashable with any iteration of ClockworkMod recovery.

    ALSO: devs and noobs alike please take notice : this ROM flashes ClockworkMod recovery 3.x. I will no longer be supporting older recoveries!

    Much thanks to the EpicCM and teamhacksung folks for code and ideas, and of course props to the CM team for all they do, it's their ROM after all.

    If you appreciate the time and effort I have put into this ROM please click the "Thanks" or "Donate" buttons. Either one is fine by me [​IMG]

    ***** Update 4/26 - ALPHA2 *****
    fixed USB mass storage
    fixed haptic feedback
    fixed TiBu 'whoami' bug
    update to 3.x ClockworkMod recovery
    sync'd with latest CM code
    updated to latest Market
    stubbed the camera (yes, I know it takes pictures of nothing but a green android [​IMG])
    ** package still includes gapps and kernel **
    ** changed to new kernel that can be used with BOTH rfs AND ext4 - but it does not include the Voodoo lagfix code, so no conversions! **
    ** Make sure to wipe data even if coming from the previous alpha! **


    Enjoy and remember: If your phone breaks after flashing, YOU broke it! Not ME!

    CM7 OTB TEST Kernel

    CM7 test kernel 3 Consider this alpha like the rom. Install jt's cm7, and let it boot. Set up how you like and then reboot to recovery and flash this kernel. You need to be on ext4 prior to flashing cm7 or othis kernel. Includes jt's fix for mass storage, and voodoo sound v8

    ENJOY guys !!!!!!!!!!
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