[ROM] BlackICE Kangorade updated to 28.99

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Galaxy Nexus users! BlackICE Kangorade has been updated to 28.99! This is a major update that includes lots of developer "Travp624" original mods! If you have run this Rom in the past then you know it has enough customization options to keep you busy for hours! You also know that it includes an Awesome darked out theme! This is in my opinion the best blacked out themed Rom available for the Galaxy Nexus! This rom is built from AOKP source!


    This updated version removes the DTh3ory Go faster Script and instead includes a Customized Prop modder with init'd tweaks in the same panel which will allow you to customize your own performance settings! Lockscreen Text color has been added as well as the Lockslide customization. Battery Text color and Battery charge color have been added. This version also features a custom bootanimation by TravP! Of course all of the AOKP customization features from previous builds are here as well such as navigation mods, Lockscreen mods, power menu options, UI settings, weather settings, performance settings and much more! This also includes The Master Mod Settings for custom themes, navigation buttons and more.

    Overall this is still one of my favorite Roms for the Galaxy Nexus. I would highly recommend that you give this one a flash!

    Grab the Rom and discuss here!