[ROM] BlackICE toro Kangorade updated to 31.31 for Galaxy Nexus

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Yesterday team Kang released their latest build 31 of AOKP, and developer "TravP624" got busy updating one of the coolest and still one of my favorite Roms to date, BlackICE Kangorade! In this update TravP has merged all the AOKP build 31 changes. BlackICE is now based on Android ICS 4.0.4. It includes the custom apps in the navigation bar. This feature allows you to add any app to the navigation bar effectively eliminating the need for the app dock and freeing up more space on your screen! Also in this build stock transition animations have been sped up a bit to make the ui feel even more fluid! This build is also running the 014m faux kernel which allows the cpu to be overclocked all the way to 1425mHz!


    Of course the main feature of this Rom is the incredible Black and ICE theme! All the white or light elements have been replaced with black or dark elements really making everything look very sleek. Some extras in this rom include CM File manager, DSPmanager, stock mms replaced with CM mms, DroidTh3ory Gofaster mod is preloaded, Custom MasturModsSettings are built in for even more customization of things like navbar and theme, removed status bar notification icon dimming effect, awesome blackice boot animation, all inverted gapps gmail, gtalk, etc, and custom toggles. This is still one of the coolest looking roms available!

    Grab the Rom here and discuss!