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    I've had my HTC Droid Incredible for about a year. I love this phone. I do everything with it. But recently, it has been restarting on me while I'm using it. I could be doing Google Maps, playing a game, browsing the internet, or just charging.

    The phone will reboot. Sometimes it reboots more than once. Before I started troubleshooting, I was on stock 2.2 not rooted or anything.

    Just this morning, I took the jump and rooted my phone. The rooting was successful. I was playing around, making sure everything I wanted was backed up and BOOM it restarts again.

    So now, I perform a full backup using clockworkmod. It finishes successfully. I move the backup off my SD card to my PC, and get ready to install a ROM. I chose to install Cyanogen version 7.x. It worked. The ROM flashed successfully and I'm using it right now.

    The only phone is still restarting when I use it for any length. I checked my battery temps and they aren't extreme. The highest temp I've clocked is 41.9 degrees C.

    I then installed a CPU-Clock control app. I under-clocked it from 998mhz to around 720mhz. It hasn't restarted since I did that.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? My next step will be replacing the battery with the sedio extended battery. It's already on order.

    Any help would be much appreciated...
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