Recordr Is An Advanced Sound Recording App

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    AOSP Stock Android does not provide the end user with a simple way to record audio. Recording audio can be pretty essential in circumstances where remembering directions is crucial. If you are in school or in the work place and need to be able to remember what your boss or teacher is saying you could probably make use of a good audio recording app. While stock android does not provide you with a way to record audio natively you can choose from a handful of voice and audio recorders in the Play Store. Many of these offer record and playback capabilities, but if you are looking for a more advanced setup Recordr may be the app you are looking for.

    Recordr brings a polished app User Interface, with some incredible features. First of all the app records in Advanced Audio Coding which will give you a 90% savings in file size. Other features include Gain Factor which allows you to control sound louder or softer, a feature that atuo skips silence, noise filtration, echo removal, and much more. If this is the kind of advanced recorder you have been looking for grab the app from the link below.

    via XDA
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    these applications are very useful, especially for people who experience some difficulty remembering

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