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    For those of you who have used the stock sound / voice recording apps, and can't use the file types created by these apps, check this out!

    I made the mistake of not checking out what file type the native voice recorder app on my DInc before recording an hour and a half long interview for a project. When I went to pull the audio into Audacity to clip it and use little blurbs for my presentation, it did not have the codec required to use the file -- needless to say, I was bummed and a little pissed. After some research I went back to the dev's website - lo and behold, there was a supplemental file to install that allows for the import/export of the .amr file type! Here is a link, in case any of you have run into the same issue I have and want to use your existing recordings for anything useful - its called the FFmpeg installer, directly from Audacity's wiki. FAQ:Installation and Plug-Ins - Audacity Manual

    And if you don't have an audio editing program for your computer, I have used Audacity many times and its been very useful - here's a link: Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

    Hope this helps someone in the future!
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