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    Hi there,

    I am currently using Go SMS Pro for my texting. I have noticed that whenever I receive pictures, the quality is very low. The images sent to me are always blurry or come through in black and white (when they should be colored). Most of the people I text are on AT&T while I am using Verizon, so I thought it was a carrier issue. However, I tried sending an MMS to myself, and it was blurry then, too. The images show up blurred through the stock messaging app, as well. I use wifi when I am at home and my 4G in public and the images come through blurred regardless of which I'm using.

    I already have the Maximum MMS size option as high as it can go and have the "preserve image resolution" box checked. Not really sure what to do at this point. I did get a replacement phone now a while back (after my phone bricked during the big update), but both phones have had this issue and I can't seem to solve it. Very frustrating! Any solutions?
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