Re-Assembling Motorola Droid 2 A955

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    Hello All,

    I had a cracked Screen Digitizer that needed to be replaced. I received the Digitizer and proceeded to take apart the device (Motorola Droid 2). I'm getting ready to reassemble the phone but remembered how some pieces had a protective glue or silicone around it to help keep it in place. I'm worried that some parts internally will be loose once I put the phone back together. Also, the Back Antenna cover previously had some sort of adhesive holding the part to the back of the phone. Any recommendations on what type of adhesive I should get or any websites I can order it from? I called Motorola see if there was anything they can do to point me in the right direction and all they said was that they don't recommend putting any glue or adhesives on the phone but that I should send it in to them. I really appreciate anybodys help in this matter. My phone is in pieces and just want to make sure everything stays in tact after reassembly.
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