razr maxx xt912 keeps rebooting

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    this is a refurbished phone. ive only had it a week the other day my phone just rebooted out of nowhere and it lost its service and every minute or so it restarts goes all the way to the start screen and reboots. i hard reset, i factory restored, i rsd lite with ap fastboot. i took out sim card doesn't say its not installed put it back in still doesn't say its in there still no service. put the sim card in other phone to rule that out and it works. im lost for ideas.

    the phone is completly stock had no roms or root

    phone states the following with the sim card in.

    no service
    baseband version - unknown
    min - unknown
    prl version - unknown
    eri version - unknown
    meid - unknown
    imei - unknown
    iccid - unknown
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