Razor Less than 24hrs Old

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR' started by RazrBill, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Razor less than 24hrs old, So I figured I would post up my mods and experiences .

    One issue I had ( not hardware ) was that the sale's person insisted on transferring my data, I gave in, do not know what they did but man did they confuse the sh$t out of my phone i.e. Wife called me and it shows up as 2 different people and not one of them where here ? Told them to reset Phone and I will take care of it ( they tried to blame it on my previous phone being rooted )

    So after performing data transfer I started my customizations of the Razor

    First thing I got was the the Otter - Even though it covers the looks of the phone up , its the best way to protect your investment in my opinion, I see no distortion or typing issues with the screen cover and it just feels like you could slam it against a wall ( not that I would)

    Second you guessed it rooted the ole Razor - The root process went flawless and cant believe how easy and fast it was. Used the DooMLord_V2_Root

    Third Wifi Tether for rooted phones - at first I tried Open Garden , no luck would connect but no internet access and then periodically disconnect from network. Trashed Open Garden and downloaded Wifi Tether version 3.1-pre104 ( experimental version ) not sure what the experimental means because it works great right out of the box ..no issue's

    Fourth downloaded ES File explorer - Great app does exactly what I want , wireless transfer of file from Pc to Phone or phone to PC and pretty fast too on WAN/LAN, also works works with Dropbox/box via internet

    Now in process of researching DLNA apps if any for the droid or atleast a good multi format media player and try streaming from my media server .

    Battery life so far has been good , I have had it on and off the charger through out the night ( seems to take awhile to charge 100%) mainly off as i have been using it, but left off charger when went to bed with bluetooth and 3g ( no 4g yet in this neck of woods) enabled may have gone down about 10% if that much. I know the real test would be sync and wifi enabled Ill try that today.

    Couple things I not crazy about with the phone is: 1 The text messaging app with the phone KB seems to be a little more quirky than the one that was on my Droid Incred. Also the Menu/Home/Back/Search buttons/Icons on the bottom phone seem to have delay in backlight and are almost impossible to see if the backlight isint on ...maybe a setting in the phone ?

    Just thought I would share my experiences with the phone so far.

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    My rule of thumb is not to let VZW do anything to my phone, a lot of sales people are adamant about it though and as a direct result of that I will shop online or at Best Buy first :)

    BTW - Welcome to DF :)