Random reboots? Random force closes? A suggestion

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by eliassami5, Feb 19, 2010.

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    If you are experiencing these problems or maybe other problems with your DROID that never happened before, then i may have found a solution.

    First you have to backtrack and uninstall any apps that may have caused the issue or apps that you installed right before the issues started happening.
    Then after you have done that you need to shut your phone off.
    You then need to turn it on by holding the power button and the X button on your keyboard simultaneously until you see a triangle with an exclamation mark in the center.
    Then press the + volume button and the camera button simultaneously for 1-2 seconds and then you will be in recovery mode.
    Scroll down to "wipe cache partition" with your D pad and press the middle button on the D pad to execute.
    The phone will wipe the cache and reboot.

    Your random reboots should not happen anymore, but if they do then you did not uninstall the correct app which is causing the problem.

    Hope this helps and sorry if its a repost..
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