Proper Steps to Submitting Code to the CCRoms Project

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    This will be added to start [CVPCS Android Wiki] wiki as well.

    This assumes you are quite competent with a computer, git, building AOSP, and generally know what you are doing, otherwise you would not be trying to submit source code.

    1. A github account is REQUIRED, they are available at Secure source code hosting and collaborative development - GitHub

    2. You will need to setup ssh keys in the account to push to your account, they have a nice tutorial

    3. Log into your Github account, go to cvpcs's Profile - GitHub

    3. Fork the Repo's you plan to modify to your Github account. (be sure you have the correct branch selected when forking)

    4. Using the command line "git clone" the chosen repo, make sure you are on the correct branch!!

    5. Modify code, build, test, modify code, build, test, modify code, build test...

    6. When modifications are complete "git push" to your repo,

    7. Go to, select the modified repo, click submit pull request.

    8. We will be notified of the pull request, review the code, and submit the modifications at our discretion.