Processor overheating on certain governors. Please help?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S3' started by MDawg, Oct 2, 2013.

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    I got no love from xda, so im posting here.
    I'm running CM10.1.3 RC2, but my issue has persisted across all custom roms that I have owned.

    The processor heats up to about 35°C even when I am just browsing the net, or like now, when I just have a normal app open. I have noticed that it reaches temperatures of over 35°C when I am using pegasusq or lulzactiveq governors, wich is a pain since these are both multi-core governors that I would like to use on my multi-core device. The overheating isnt limited to those two governors, though.
    With ondemand, it barely reaches 28°C during normal usage.

    I dont suspect the battery, since I took it out on multiple occasions to check. The battery may be involved indirectly somehow.
    Does anyone one have an idea as to why some governors are making my CPU overheat?

    I'll be happy to provide more info to anyone who might have an idea as to what's up :)!
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